Vacuum dehydration lubricating oil filter 1800 liters/hour

Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine-Fast Oil Dewater-Fast Oil Degas-Fast Oil Cleaning-PLC EquippedPreviewDuring the use of lubricating oil, foreign matter may be generated due to pressure, friction, environment, etc. These foreign substances act as catalysts to trigger oxidation of the oil to form free oil-insoluble mat

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Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine

-Fast Oil Dewater
-Fast Oil Degas
-Fast Oil Cleaning
-PLC Equipped

Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour

During the use of lubricating oil, foreign matter may be generated due to pressure, friction, environment, etc. These foreign substances act as catalysts to trigger oxidation of the oil to form free oil-insoluble matter, resulting in oil contamination. As the pollution increases, the viscosity and acidity change, the moisture increases, and the color of the oil changes, which in turn causes equipment failure, resulting in the replacement of oil. The residual polluted oil in the equipment circulation system is mixed with the new oil to play the role of oxidation catalysis, which will accelerate the pollution rate of the oil and reduce the use time of the new oil. Therefore, in order to prevent oil contamination and prolong the service life of the oil, it is necessary to quickly remove the pollutants and oxides formed in the oil

Product Function
REXON1800L/H Lubricating Oil Filtration System for Waste Industrial Oil Renewable is special for purifying all kinds of unqualified lubricating oil such as the hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil, and heat treatment oil and so on. According to the lubricating oil's nature, REXON TYA vacuum oil purifier machine can rapidly remove water, gas, particulate matters and impurities from contaminated lubrication oil, so to refresh lubrication oil and guarantee oil qualified and standard parameter, so to guarantee lubricating system of machine to work properly and prolong lifetime of machinery. And at the same time, the oil can be used again and again under a periodical purification process, so to save new oil replacement cost. This machine can operate automatically (don't need the person when it is working). 

Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour

TYA-A automatic lube oil purifier is Adopted PLC intelligent control system with touch screen and dynamical display makes it easy to operate. Since it's equipped with PLC, so this machine can run automatically. So it is labor saving, higher efficiency for oil filtration on site work.

Product Features
First, the impurity particles less than 1 μm can be effectively removed, and the filtration precision is high. After repeated circulation filtration, the oil cleanliness can be stably maintained at NAS1638: 6, without clogging. Suitable for precision hydraulic systems with servo systems.
Second, reduce equipment failures, reduce downtime losses, and save maintenance costs.
a. Extend the service life of the parts and reduce the replacement cost 44.7%
b. Prevent losses due to downtime 22.3%
c. Reduce equipment investment 19.4%
d. Reduce friction and save energy 5.5%
e. Economic benefits from increased production efficiency 4.1%
f. Reduce labor costs for lubrication 2%
g. Reduce lubricant consumption 2%
Third, greatly extend the life of oil, reduce the production of waste oil (90% to 99%), and protect the environment.
Fourth, with a complete automatic protection device, it can achieve unattended continuous operation, low maintenance costs, the best economic results.

Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour
Product Advantages
Lubricating oil treated by this machine contains so low emulsification value, few water content and impurities that it can be used repeatedly in the highly precise hydraulic lubricating equipment at home and abroad. This series can fast degas, dewater, and remove the impurity and the volatile matter (for example ethyl alcohol, gasoline, ammonia and so on). Enhances the oil quality, restores the lubricating oil viscosity, augments the flash point and improves the operational performance. Guaranteed the hydraulic system and the dynamic system, the lubrication system normal operation, so the machine is suit for many lines, such as the mine, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, manufactures and so on.

Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour
Technical Parameters:
Flow rateL/Hr600120018003000600090001200018000
Vacuum degreeMpa-0.06 ~ - 0.095
Working PressureMpa≤0.4
Temperature DegreeºC0 ~ 100
Power Supply 380V,3phase, 50HZ (or as required by customer)
Working noiseDB (A)≤75≤75≤75≤78≤78≤78≤80≤82
Electric heating PowerKW18182430547290120
Total electric PowerKW19.319.325.653257.17998130
Inlet (outlet) CalibermmФ25Ф25Ф25Ф32Ф42Ф50Ф50Ф60
x 1600
Moisture (water content)≤ 50 PPM
Gas Content≤0.1%
Impurities Degree (Filtration precision)≤1 ~ 5 micron (no free carbon)
DemulsificationNew oil≤15min, running oil≤30mi
Cleanliness≤NAS 1638 Grade 6

Key Notes: Under a regular oil purification process & treatment for your oil by our oil purifier plant, the oil will be kept always in a good condition without such water, particles contaminants. Oil's service time can be prolonged highly to meet it's original lifetime, then you don't need to buy new oil and replace used oil very often, and save new oil cost a lot. At the same time, good lube oil can guarantee the lubricating system/engines/machinery working normally and also prolong these equipment's lifespan, you don't need to worry any problems may happen caused by unqualified oil cause to the machines or engines. So directly benefit, it can save a lot of your new oil cost and help you keep a green environment from the waste oil product.

Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour

Our Lubricating Oil Purification and Oil Maintenance Machines can bring you:
→Purifying your various industrial lubricant oil high efficiently
→Maintain your lubricating oil always in good status
→Save your used oil replacement cost
→Solve your waste oil disposal problem
→Guarantee your machinery and equipment working normally with qualified oil
→Protect your machinery and equipment to not be damaged from contaminated oil
→Reduce your maintenance time, energy and invest on transformers and power plant
→Prolong your machinery and equipment lifetime and save maintenance cost
→Bring a green oil ideal to the world and save oil energy for all of our generations

REXON After Sales Service
-We will help to arrange the transport and shipping for the machine to customer.
-We offer full set documents for customs clearance at customer's destination port.
-We will offer lifetime technical support for our equipment, free technical upgrade, free or chargeable spare parts supply, etc.
-We offer online service for customers 24 hours everyday. If you have any question while using our machine, you can contact us by online chat software, or by email, phone etc, we will get back to you very soon within 4 hours. 
-We will also offer operation training for free in our factory and offer door-to-door service to send our engineer to your place for the machine's installation service and operation training if you need.
-Installation, Operation and Maintenance details will be in the operation manual booklet and videos which will be sent to you with machine.
-Rexon's guarantee time is two years for each of our equipment. 

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Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour

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Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour
Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour
Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour

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Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour

We are the leading manufacture near 20 years experience and supply best quality and highest cost performance oil purification machines. Our oil purifier equipment are built by high quality raw materials with newest advanced technology by many skilled technicians and professional workers. We are honest to every customer and responsible for every machine we sold, we offer great after sales service, anytime when customer need us, no matter before or after purchase, we are available online or calling, to make a fast and instant response to customer. we practiced in this industry during all these years, and have rich on-site experiences too. Any on-site cases, please contact us for a solution.

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Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Purifier Machine 1800liters/Hour

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