Electroplating waste liquid volute dehydrator

Features:1.Widely Usea. Can be widely used in municipal sewage, food, slaughtering breeding, printing and dyeing, oil chemical industry, paper making, leather, pharmaceutical and other industries of sludge dewatering;b. Exclusive pre-concentration design, applicable sludge concentration of 2000mg/L-50000mg/L;c. Due to

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Volute Sludge Dewatering Machine for Electroplating Effluent Sludge
Volute Sludge Dewatering Machine for Electroplating Effluent SludgeVolute Sludge Dewatering Machine for Electroplating Effluent Sludge


1.Widely Use
a. Can be widely used in municipal sewage, food, slaughtering breeding, printing and dyeing, oil chemical industry, paper making, leather, pharmaceutical and other industries of sludge dewatering;

b. Exclusive pre-concentration design, applicable sludge concentration of 2000mg/L-50000mg/L;

c. Due to the innovation of the structure design, it is highly suitable to various high and low concentration sludge, most especially for the oily ones.

Due to rotation of helical axis, the moving rings begin detaching from the fixed rings while continuously starting the self-cleaning process. As a result, the ubiquitous clogging is avoided. Therefore, it can handle oily sludge without any trouble while separating the water from the sludge easily. In addition, there is no need to add large quantity of flushing water and there is no odor and no secondary pollution during the dewatering process.

3.Fully Automatic Control
There are no easily blocked pieces such as belt and filtration pore in Multi-Disk Screw Press. Combining with the auto control system, the machine runs very safely and simply and can be programmed according to the requirement of the users. It can operate automatically for 24 hours, unmanned.

4. No secondary pollution
The screw shaft rotational speed about 2~3r/min, no vibration and noise is very small ; The laminated with self - cleaning function, plugging does not occur, only a small amount of water washing, without secondary pollution, and sludge at such a slow running under the operating condition, the smell does not spread, thereby creating a great work environment!

5.Promote the phosphorus removal capability
Dewatering sludge under aerobic conditions, it does not occur phosphorus release, so as to enhance phosphorus removal function of the whole sewage treatment system.

6.Suit for Oily Sludge
The self-cleaning mechanism and stainless steel structure enables DL to be ideal to dewater oily sludge.

7.Save Running Cost
 Multi~Disk Screw Press works by the machine's internal pressure and needs no large scale integrations like rollers. It saves energy and water and has very minimal noise because of low running speed (2-4 r/min). The average unit power consumption is only 0.1-0.01kwh/kg-DS (1/8 of Belt Press and 1/20 of Centrifuge), and can greatly reduce the running cost of wastewater treatment system.

8.Lightweight and durable
Due to the direct mechanical dewatering extrusion without rollers and other large body, so the machine is in lightweight; the body almost entirely made of stainless steel, replacement parts are only screw shaft and moving rings, it is durable with long service time.
Volute Sludge Dewatering Machine for Electroplating Effluent Sludge

9.Decrease Project Investment
 Multi~Disk Screw Press can treat sludge in aeration tank and secondary sedimentation tank without setting sludge thickeners. Therefore, this can decrease the total investment, avoid phosphorus release from the sludge thickeners and sludge storage tanks and enhance phosphorus removal effect of the wastewater treatment system.

1).Suitable for sludge dewatering of high/low consistency. When deal with low consistency sludge (2000mg/L), there is no need to build a thickening tank, storage pool. Reduce the cost and the release of phosphorus and Anaerobic stink.

2).There is no need to worry about jam up. Reduce the cleaning water consumption.

3).The dewatering screw press electrical cabinet, disposal tank and dehydrator are integrated, which reduces the covering area and brings convenience to installment.

4).The dehydrator is enclosed working, which reduces the bad smell and improves the working environment.

5).Automatically working for 24 hours, reducing the labor strength of workers.

6).The slow running speed of screw shaft reduces the power consumption and noise.

7).Dewatering screw press made with stainless steel, extending the service life.

8).Dewatering screw press convenient for daily maintenance.

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Volute Sludge Dewatering Machine for Electroplating Effluent Sludge

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Volute Sludge Dewatering Machine for Electroplating Effluent Sludge

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