Water treatment belt filter press for textile wastewater dewatering

Water treatment Belt Filter Press for Textile Sewage DewateringSpecifications:1.automatic filter cloth washing 2.long life belt cloth 3.save energy 4.High capacity  Product Features :                    &n

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Water treatment Belt Filter Press for Textile Sewage Dewatering

1.automatic filter cloth washing 
2.long life belt cloth 
3.save energy 
4.High capacity 
Water Treatment Belt Filter Press for Textile Sewage Dewatering

Product Features :                                               
1.  Material of the main structure : SUS304/316
2.  Belt : Has a long service life
3.  Low power consumption, slow-speed of revolution and low noise,
4.  Adjustment of belt: Pneumatic regulated, ensures the stability of the machine
5.  Multi-point safety detection and emergency stop device:improve the operation.
6.  The design of the system is obviously humanized and provides convenience in operation and maintenance.
Product Application:  
Water Treatment Belt Filter Press for Textile Sewage Dewatering                                             

1. Sludge dewatering of industry waste water
2. Separation of liquid and solid in food, chemical and mining industries
3. Sludge dewatering in butching and animal husbandry
Product Data:                                               
Belt width(mm)100015002000 
Treatment capacity
Inlet sludge concentration (SS1-5%)
6.5~10.512~20.518~30Depending on the types of sludge
D.S Dried sludge(kgds/h)98~158180~308240~450Depending on the types of sludge
Moisture content of the filter cake(%)75~8575~8575~85Depending on the types of sludge
Service power(kw)The motor for driving belt(frequency control)0.370.750.75 
The motor for mixing0.370.550.75 
The motor for drum thickener0.370.550.55 
RC Collecting Tray for FiltrateWithWithWithout 
Reference appearance size(mm)L260033003450Before ordering, please ask for the actual installation size drawing
Base dimension L1 x W1(mm)2100 x13302450 x18602715 x2420 
Reference weight (kg)121022002850 
 Product Details:    
    Water Treatment Belt Filter Press for Textile Sewage Dewatering    Water Treatment Belt Filter Press for Textile Sewage Dewatering                                  
BOEEP belt filter Press, which is a latest advancedsludge dewatering technique. It's characterized by small footprint and wide applications. It can be used for different sludgein varieties of industries includingpetrochemical processing, light industry,electroplating, printing & dyeing, food & beverage, chemical fiber, paper-making, proteins,livestock, pharmacy and leather etc.
The concentration belt sludge filter Press is slightly influenced by the load fluctuation of sludge and the water content's rate of sludge cakes is low. The machine is easy for worker's operation and management.
ZDY-TypeDrum enrichment belt filter press dewatering machine: mainly used to treat sludge which is ready to be concentrated through rotating and concentrating(e.g. residual sludge in Method A/O). This equipment has double functions of sludge concentrating and dewatering,and its treating capacity increase more than that of old press filter.

Our Dewatering Process
Scope of Work:
BOEEP evaluate all impending work to offer our clients the best possible cost effective solution.

Water Treatment Belt Filter Press for Textile Sewage Dewatering


Our dewatering plants are stand alone units with associated equipment including power generating sets, automatic polymer mixing storage and dosing systems, pontoon mounted submersible mixers and feed pumps, cake conveyers and all interconnecting hoses and cables.

Our range of dewatering plants are capable of processing 20 - 85m3/h on most sludges. These plants can process up to 3.5 dry tones of biosolids per hour (17 wet tones), with a cake dryness of over 20% and separation efficiency of 99.98%

Biosolids Transport:
Processed biosolids are conveyed directly into various truck and trailer combinations for transport offsite to landfill or reuse options. All trucks comply with regulations for the transport of processed biosolids.
Working Shop:
Water Treatment Belt Filter Press for Textile Sewage Dewatering

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