Alfa Laval sludge dewatering goes mobile

2022-10-03 09:56:05 By : Ms. Josie Wu

Equipped with the latest Alfa Laval decanter centrifuge technology, the mobile rig is capable of dewatering 40 cubic metres of sewage sludge per hour.

The Alfa Laval mobile dewatering rig has its own diesel-powered generator and an integral liquid polymer make-up system. It can be adapted to work with powder polymer for short periods for test purposes and can also be wired into a 160 amps mains supply, if required. An on-board, retractable screw conveyor transports the dried sludge into a feed hopper or main conveyor system.

Since the Alfa Laval container is completely self-contained, the sewage treatment works needs to just supply the sludge for treatment, diesel for the generator, potable water for polymer make-up and final effluent for polymer dilution and wash water.